Bona-fide Wizen Proteins (BW Proteins) was founded in the spring of 2023 with the intention of providing North American pet owners an opportunity to treat their furry friends with moisture-reduced 100% Single Ingredient chews sourced from local Ontario-based farms.

At a time where consumer pricing is at all time high, we look to reduce to cost to end consumer by reducing supply chains partners from farm to pet.

Our products are sourced from reputable Human-Grade chicken and duck farm producers in Ontario. Please refer to below for our recipes and product offerings.


BW Protein’s Dehydrated Recipe

Through an extensive process of research and development, our team has developed a process that will ensure that both dehydration (up to 95% reduction in moisture) and sterilization of bacteria (internal temperature of +170 Degrees Fahrenheit maintained over 10 minutes) occurs on every batch.

The result is a Bona-Fide(100% Authentic) Wizen(Dried and shriveled) Protein, perfect for your furry friend to chow down at home or on the go!

We have trialed our products with vets, and dogs of different breeds. BW Proteins is happy to offer products that can be enjoyed by most medium+ sized dogs and some cats.